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A Tool for Continuous Reachability Analysis.

The Continuous Reachability Analyzer (CORA) is a collection of MATLAB classes for the formal verification of cyber-physical systems using reachability analysis. CORA integrates various vector and matrix set representations and operations on them as well as reachability algorithms of various dynamic system classes. The software is designed such that set representations can be exchanged without having to modify the code for reachability analysis. CORA is designed using the object oriented paradigm, such that users can safely use methods without concerning themselves with detailed information hidden inside the object. Since the toolbox is written in MATLAB, the installation and use is platform independent. From Release 2018 on, the direct import of SpaceEx models into CORA is also supported. The following points summarize the main features of the CORA toolbox.

Reachability Analysis for Continuous Systems

CORA computes reachable sets for linear systems, nonlinear systems as well as for systems with constraints. Continuous as well as discrete time models are supported. Uncertainty in the system inputs as well as uncertainty in the model parameters can be explicitly considered. In addition, CORA also provides capabilities for the simulation of dynamical models.

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Reachability Analysis for Hybrid Systems

The toolbox is also capable to calculate the reachable sets for hybrid systems. All implemented dynamic system classes can be used to describe the different continuous flows for the discrete system states. Further, multiple different methods for the calculation of the intersections with guard sets are implemented in CORA.

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Geometric Sets

CORA has a modular design, making it possible to use the capabilities of the various set representations for other purposes besides reachability analysis. The toolbox implements vector set representation, e.g., intervals, zonotopes, Taylor models, and polytopes, as well as matrix set representations such as matrix zonotopes and interval matrices.

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Formal Verification of Neural Networks

CORA enables the formal verification of neural networks, both in open-loop as well as in closed loop scenarios. Open-loop verification refers to the task where properties of the output set of a neural network are verified, e.g. correctly classified images given noisy input. In closed-loop scenarios, the neural network is used as controller of a dynamic system and is neatly integrated in the reachability algorithms above, e.g. controlling a car while keeping a safe distance.

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Get Started

To install CORA, please follow the steps below:

  1. Install MATLAB
  2. Clone the repository from GitHub
  3. Add the cloned repository to your MATLAB path
  4. Install the required packages described in Section 1.3 in the CORA manual
  5. Run the following script in MATLAB:

Congratulations, you have successfully installed CORA!


CORA comes with plenty of examples to guide you through all components of CORA. Explore them on GitHub, or enjoy watching the playlist below showcasing the capabilities of CORA and check out the example script.


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